Celluless tabs


Attack your cellulite!

Celluless tabs (dual therapy tablets + soap)

It can happen… to the best of bodies. It does not make discriminations. It’s the ‘sneaky’ ‘enemy of the female body. It moves … underground after built internally in the deeper layers of the skin, creating the famous ‘orange peel’

Attack and defeat in 2 steps:
1. Celluless tabs: Begin the … inner war
Celluless tabs is a dietary supplement that contains green tea, parsley, juniper, guarana, ginkgo biloba, cayenne, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to reduce the “appearance of orange peel”.
A unique combination of ingredients to remove toxins from the body, reduce fluid retention and improve blood circulation. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, and manganese and copper contribute to normal formation of connective tissue.
2. Celluless soap:
Soap with active ingredients and special shape, which creates hyperemia drastically and improves the skin. With beautiful orange scent and creamy texture leaves the skin smooth with a silky feeling. Use daily in the desired areas.

The comprehensive treatment of the Power Health is your weapon to obtain a smooth, firm body without flaws.

Celluless tabs
Table of nutrients per tablet
Active Ingredients per tablet /
Active ingredients per tablet Output quantity per tablet / Concentration per tablet% RDI / R.D.I. *

Green tea extract 100mg                                                                                Parsley extract 100mg

Juniper extract 100mg
Guarana extract 100mg
Ginkgo biloba extract 50mg
Cayenne extract 50mg
Caffeine 50mg
Vitamin C 100mg 125
Zinc 2,5mg
Copper 1mg
Manganese 1mg
* RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance

Ingredients: Cellulose, sorbitol, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), green tea extract (50% polyphenols – Camellia sinensis), parsley extract(Petroselinum crispum), juniper extract (Juniperus communis), guarana extract (Paullinia cupana), ginkgo biloba extract (Ginkgo biloba), caffeine, cayenne extract (Capsicum annuum), green coating, mono and diglycerides of edible fatty acids, calcium phosphate, zinc sulfate, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, magnesium salts of edible fatty acids.
Directions: Take 2 tablets daily after meal as a dietary supplement.
Free from: sugar, gluten, lactose and preservatives.
Contents: 30 tablets
Pregnancy / Breastfeeding: Do not take any medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless advised by your doctor.