Mens-X complex


The natural solution for a successful sex life!

It’ s all in your head, work, family, obligations. The everyday life is difficult and full of stress! In conjunction with the bad eating habits effects your sexual performance. See the problem in the right perspective and face it.

There is a natural and effective solution. The scientists of Power Health created the Mens-X complex, a unique and innovative composition for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but also for you who wants to improve your sexual performance naturally. The Mens-X will stir up and you will see your performance go up every day more and higher.

Mechanism of Mens-X complex
Mens-X complex can make something more than a significant improvement to the flexibility of our blood vessels. It is used in the formation of the nitrogen monoxide (NO) molecule, which has wide-ranging effects on our bodies.

When nitrogen monoxide levels in the blood rise, the walls of the blood vessels throughout the body relax. This dilation improves the perfusion of the penis and thus achieves better erectile function.

Apart from this, Mens-X also contains several valuable micronutrients such as L-Istidine, Zinc, Vitamin C and Proanthocyanidins derived from red grape with antioxidant properties which play a key role in protecting the vascular inner walls from free radicals, ensuring their elasticity and unobstructed blood circulation inside the human body.

The combination of these valuable substances makes Mens-X complex the ideal formula for an optimal vascular circulation of blood in the penis.

“Mens-X” complex seems to be an extremely efficient product to manage erectile dysfunction. Subjects who consumed the product twice a day for one month reported improvement of their erectile dysfunction and improvement concerning their sexual behavior. No problem of tolerance was highlighted during this study. “One month” course with Mens-X was resulted in significant improvement of erectile function of volunteers based on IIEF-5.
For the evaluation of the dysfunction, researchers used the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (sexual health inventory for men (IIEF-5) “one month”), the Sexual Behavior questionnaire and the Global Assessment Questionnaire (GAQ).