Multi + Multi


A well balance nutritional combination, containing all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to supplement your daily diet.

A complete formulation, which offers an A to Z protection!

Active ingredients per tablet
Calcium 233mg (33,3% R.D.I.*)
Magnesium 100mg (33,3% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin C 45mg (100% R.D.I.*)
Iron 4,66mg (33,3% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Ε 10mg (100% R.D.I.*)
Zinc 3,16mg (31,6% R.D.I.*)
Niacin 18mg (100% Σ R.D.I.*)
Pantothenic acid 6mg (100% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Α 350μg (50% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Β2 1,6mg (100% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Β6 1,5mg (100% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Β1 1,1mg (100% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Β12 1,4μg (100% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin D 2.5μg (50% R.D.I.*)
Folic acid 200μg (100% R.D.I.*)
Biotin 150μg (100% R.D.I.*)
Iodine 43,3μg (33,3% R.D.I.*)
Vitamin Β6 1,5mg (100% R.D.I.*)

* R.D.I.: Recommended Daily Intake

Adults, take 1 effervescent tablet in a glass of water as a food supplement.

Free from
Gluten, lactose, preservatives, artificial colors

24 effervescent tablets

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or facing health problems.