Potassium is a positive ion working closely with sodium, which is a negative ion, to maintain fluid balance inside and outside the cell.Potassium is found in greater concentrations inside the cells, whereas sodium is in higher amounts outside the cells.

Fluid balance is necessary for the harmonious function of the nervous and muscle systems, as well as the heart. Also, potassium holds a role in carbohydrate metabolism.


Low potassium levels can be noticed
when loss of body fluids occurs (sweating,
vomiting, diarrhea), in cases of alcohol
abuse or when calcium levels in the body
are running low.

Because modern diets are high in sodium
and low in potassium, the equilibrium
between the two ions might be disrupted.
Thus it is crucial to achieve adequate intake
of potassium through fruits and vegetables
like potatoes, raisins and tomatoes.