Royal Jelly


The divine origin food!

According to legend, royal jelly as a mainstream component of ambrosia , food of the Ancient Gods . Today is another ‘’dynamotrofi’’ offering your body toning of… royal standards.

Royal … boost!

Royal jelly has proven to be the richest and the most hygiene food of nature with exceptional beneficial properties, which the Royal Gellee Series Power Food offers in the best possible way. Each capsule contains 200mg of lyophilized royal jelly which is equivalent to 600mg fresh organic royal jelly. Thanks to the method of lyophilization all properties are maintained without the need for storage in a refrigerator offering you its unique benefits:

Increases physical and mental powers

Enhances the health and vitality of the body
Stimulates memory and stamina

Ingredients: Lyophilized royal jelly * / Lyophilized royal gellee, Maltodextrin / Maltodextrin. * organic / organic farming.
Active Ingredients per capsule
Lyophilized organic royal gellee 200mg
characterized in 10-HAD** / 4-5%
** 10-HAD: 10- hydroxy -2 – decenoic acid / 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid
Containing 0,44 g carbs per capsule.

Without preservatives and artificial colors
Content: 30 caps

Adults : Take 1 capsule daily as a dietary supplement , preferably after a meal.