Fat soluble vitamin, also known as tocopherol, found in vegetable oils (sunflower oil, corn oil), legumes, whole grains, nuts, leafy green vegetables, asparagus, dairy products and eggs.

Who is in greater risk for vitamin E deficiency?
• Preterm babies
• Individuals with fat malabsorption (liver diseases, ulcerative colitis)

Fat soluble vitamins are stored in parts of our body where fat is found. They cannot bet dissolver in body fluids thus they are not excreted with urine. It is advised that you do not exceed the Recommended Dietary Allowance for these vitamins.

The role of vitamin E:
• Antioxidant function
• Cardiovascular protection
• Skin cell regeneration
• Anticoagulant action
• Proper muscle function

Vitamin E deficiency may result in:
• Blood clotting
• Dry skin
• Impaired function of nerves and muscles
• Male and female infertility