Since 1984 we care about the Greek family care meeting the increasing needs of the everyday life. We listen to the rhythms of the season which require increasingly specialized solutions and armed with years of experience in food supplements and expertise, we have created the series Platinum Range.

They are timeless, that’s why they are called classic nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are the basis for a healthy and balanced life and we utilize in the most ideal way through the series Platinum Range. The specific proposal that offers you all the benefits through natural food supplements with high nutritional value.

All the range of Platinum Range, is made exclusively from the highest quality certified raw materials and high quality ingredients and purity. It meets the most stringent and controlled production conditions which apply to food supplements. They do not contain gluten, lactose and preservatives such as genetically modified ingredients.

The series Platinum Range is a different approach to nutritional supplements which combines the wisdom of nature meeting the development of science and it will become the absolute classic choice.