Delivery- Eating out when dieting


The modern way of life, the demanding work schedules, the food at each and every corner store, other obesogenic temptations that surround us, our friends & social life are only some of the reasons why takeaway food seems like the only solution possible. At the same as the weather is getting warmer the extra pounds begin to exert massive pressure on both your body & your consciousness.

When one reaches the key point mentioned above he or she begins looking for ways to lose weight, boost his/her metabolism, or burn the stored fat. Towards this direction, balanced nutrition & exercise contribute a major part, and at the same time natural dietary weight loss supplements can become a catalyst.

Often you may find it pretty hard to adjust your routine in the unrealistic demands of a strict diet plan. An example of such a dietary advice is that homemade food is more balanced, because we choose the ingredients used. But here comes the question of how realistic is the idea of ​​one cooking every single day. In fact everything is a matter of choice and compromises.

The short guide below will help you choose the healthiest items on takeaway menus, so that eating out will not sabotage your diet.

Pizza: Slices count


One slice of pizza with cheese has approximately 240 calories, while adding more topics or using a fluffier crust can add up to 450 per slice.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Thin crust.Cheese pizza.

Extra vegetables.

Salad on the side.

1-2 slices for women.

2-3 slices for men.

Extra meats.Thick, stuffed crust.

Chicken wings or other side dishes.

Greek souvlaki: It can be a safe choice

3. souvlaki

Souvlaki can become a balanced combination which incorporates carbohydrates (pita bread), protein (meat) and vegetables (tomato, lettuce). Pay close attention to the type of meat & side dishes.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Chicken souvlaki sticks.Pita bread without olive oil.

Extra tomato, lettuce.

Tzatziki or mustard.

Salad on the side..

3 chicken sticks & ½ pita bread for women.

4 chicken sticks & ¾ pita bread for women.

1 souvlaki with pita & 1 chicken stick for women.

1 souvlaki with pita & 2 to 3 chicken stick for men.


Chicken or pork gyros.Pork sticks.

Fried potatoes.


Plain souvlakis.


Traditional cuisine: Not so like your “mom’s”


4. mageireuta

When ordering more traditional meals, be suspicious about the quality of ingredients & the cooking method.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Foods with vegetables, ex. Stuffed tomatoes.Legumes.

Baked/ grilled meats.

Divide the portion into halves.

Salad on the side.


Fried foods.Extra bread.

Creamy dressings, sauces.

Dishes with extra oil.

Big portions.

Unnecessary appetizers.


Coffee shop: The easy solution


Coffee shop solutions are many. However they are often not considered a regular meal and their calories are underestimated. Moreover they do not promote satiety.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Simple sandwich, without butter.Pita bread sandwich without dressing.

Homemade style cheese pie.

Greek sesame bagel.

Yogurt with fruits and nuts.

Salad on the side.

Fresh juice.

Low or non- fat milk for your coffee.

Sandwich bigger than a tv remote control.Cheese pie with a lot of fyllo dough.

Croissants, or other pastries.

Club sandwich.

Anything with ketchup, mayo, or other egg/ cream based dressings.

Salads with few vegetables.

Coffees or other beverages with sugar.

Burger: Simplicity is genius


Like souvlaki, burger can be a perfectly balanced meal if you keep it simple.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Chicken breast.Eating half the bun.

Onion, tomato, lettuce, mushrooms, pickles etc.


One slice of cheese.


Fried/ crispy.Double burger patty.


Blue cheese.

Extra dip.

Unnecessary appetizers, ex. onion rings


Italian: Pasta yes, but chose the sauce wisely

Best Meatball Recipe

Italian food might have a Mediterranean base, but hides many pitfalls such as: the portioj size, sauces, breads and cooking fats.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Drain the oil from dishes.Tomato based sauces like Napolitana or Arabiatta.

Pasta with vegetables.

Pasta with a protein sources (baked meatballs, shrimps).

Salads with the dressing on the side.


Bread sticks, bruchettas.Prosciutto, bacon.

Sauces with heavy cream.

Pasta al forno.

Meat dishes with added sauces.

Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella).


Consuming the entire portion.

Sushi: Τhe rolls count


Sushi might be a highly nutritious meal, rich in calcium, iron, vitamins A & C because of the seaweed. At the same time it is low in fat. Do not lose the count & pay attention as some rolls are higher in calories than others.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Edamame.Seaweed salad.

California rolls.

Vegetable rolls.



10 rolls & 3 sashimi & edamame or seaweed salad for women.

12 rolls & 4 sashimi & edamame or seaweed salad for men.


Anything tempura, katsu or fried.Extra rice.

Fried rice.

Rolls with cream cheese.

Philadelphia roll.

Shrimp tempura roll.

Chinese: Avoid sauces & fried food, go for soy & steamed food


Traditional Chinese cuisine is low in fat. However, its westernized version is not as healthy for two reasons. Firstly because most of the foods are deep fried & secondly because it is easy to overeat.

Say yes to: Say no to:
Steamed dumplings, vegetables, rice.Soups.

Skinless & fatless duck pieces.

Dishes with soy or lemon sauce.

Anything fried/ crispy: rice, noodles, spring rolls, duck, meat, shrimps, ice cream κλπ.Sweet’n’sour, coconut, ΒΒQ sauces.

Dishes with nuts.

Fortune cookies, desserts.

Other tips:

  • Cook simple dishes at home 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Cook some takeaway foods at home, by using some readymade ingredients such as pizza base.
  • Takeaway portion sizes tend to be supersized.
  • Divide the original portion & add a salad. This tip will save you: money, time & calories.
  • Share with your friends, colleague or significant other.
  • The second meal of the day should be smaller: an omelet, a yogurt with fruits, a sandwich.
  • Walk to pick up your delivery & burn more calories.
  • Circle the healthy options from each takeaway menu.
  • Do not forget to add some vegetables to EACH meal.
  • If you are counting calories, keep your meal below 500- 600 calories (on average).

Have you ever heard the term phytonutrients or phytochemicals? These are nutrients unique to colorful fruits & vegetables, which offer longevity. However, takeaway meals may be filling you up with energy, but they are a poor source of phytonutrients preventing you from getting all their benefits including heart, eye and brain protection, prevention of chronic diseases and much more. Thus, say yes to takeaway meals while dieting, but consider supplementing your diet with phytonutrients from dietary supplements.