Menopause: All a woman should know

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Usually the 5th decade in a woman’s life is accompanied by weight gain, mood variations and sleep disorders, which are all symptoms of menopause. These physiological changes come as a result of the reduced female hormone production, called estrogen. Unfortunately hormonal fluctuations do not take into account the demanding everyday life of an active woman in her mid fifties, which makes it hard to manage symptoms.

Weight gain

The average weight gain during menopause is 0.5kg per year. It mind sound negligible, but if you think about it carefully it accounts for a 2.5kg increase in 5 years. However, menopause is not solely responsible for the increase in weight. Physical inactivity, loss of muscle mass and fat accumulation are also to blame.
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Mind your body and say no to “empty calorie” foods.

Belly fat

Even though menopause per se is not responsible for weight gain, the hormonal changes described above result in excessive abdominal fat. Belly fat and fat surrounding your organs are risk factors for heart disease, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes in older women.

Avoid simple carbohydrates and excess added sugar which fill up your fat storages faster

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Physical inactivity: Everyday routine, motility issues and psychological factors are the main reason why a woman would reduce her physical activity during the years of menopause. Someone could say that inactivity has a great effect, even more so than nutrition. At the same time the lack of exercise has a negative impact on muscle mass and bone density.

If you do not have the time to enroll in the gym, set a personal goal of 5.000 to 10.000 steps per day. Count your steps using a pedometer or a mobile app.

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Bone health:  One of biggest concerns for women during menopausal years is bone health, which is affected by reduced estrogen production. The needs of the bone “feeding” mineral, calcium, go up by 20% (1.200mg). Keep in mind that bone frailty can have a great impact on motility and social life of a menopausal woman.

Include at least 4 serving of dairies per day in your diet, or consider using dietary supplements with calcium and/ or vitamin D

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Mood and sleep changes:  Hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes and insomnia are not just rumors but a reality during menopause.

Find natural solutions through vitamins and minerals, or other natural products like soy isoflavones which can help you manage mood bursts and hot flashes.

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Life is still beautiful during menopause, but you need to be proactive. Look after yourself with a balanced diet, increased physical activity, heart and bone protection. Remember that hot flashes can make you look hotter than ever!

The following table includes a number of natural ingredients and dietary supplements to help you address the symptoms of menopause:


Isoflavones Also known as phytoestrogens, isoflavones are obtained either from soy or red clover. They help reduce menopause symptoms, while some studies suggest a cardioprotective effect. According to well known medical associations, soy products are perfectly safe for human consumption. menolife
Calcium, vitamin D, magnesium Calcium is critical for bone health. Vitamin D and magnesium should present to ensure calcium absorption in the gut. calcium_plusd3 magnisio
B complex vitamins, especially B6 and B12 Support your muscles and nerves, as well as energy production. Moreover B6 improves mood changes and B12 reduces the production of substance (homocysteine) which hurts your heart. b50
Omega 3 fatty acids They have cardioprotective effects by reducing high blood pressure and triglycerides, omega3
Antioxidants They gain popularity in the scientific community as they fight oxidation, a process which causes premature cell aging. The phenolic compounds of the Mediterranean diet consist the most effective antiaging formula. ΜΕDITΕΡΑΝΕΑΝ-FORMULA
Natural ingredients for weight loss They help you shed safely and gradually any extra pounds. Weight can have a great impact on your metabolic health, as well as on your confidence. premium
Nutritional cosmetics Take care of your inner and outer beauty with the natural ingredients found in nutricosmetics. caviar


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