Power Health rewards the dreams of the new generation


20140822_192952 VRAVEFSI MATHITONFor Power Health, the first Greek company to alternative health products, the family is one of the most important institutions. Besides, the shows for 30 years in the care of offers through its products.

The … younger members of the family, the children of the people who are the Power Health awarded for admission to higher educational institutions. In a beautiful ceremony held on August 22 at the company in the presence of staff and the families of the successful company president Lili Perganta awarded to Dennis Andriopoulos George Lazos, honorary praise accompanied by a check as a reward for their great success.

For the first time, also was given the scholarship in memory of ‘Theodosi Perganta’ by Mrs. Lili Perganta and her sister Ms. Gianna Perganta honoring the birthplace of their beloved father. This institution regards the award of honors or graduating from high school in St. George with the highest intake in national exams.

Particularly excited and in emotionally rewarded Euphrosyne Bim emphasizing the father’s love for knowledge and support to young people who dream of progress.

The three young children were rewarded with a standing ovation and the smiles of optimism that gave the impetus and strength to conquer life and realize their dreams.