They are gifted by nature with so many ingredients and many beneficial properties by themselves that are called ”miraculous foods.” Each of these foods ”composes a fulfilled food supplement without the need to combine with other natural ingredients offering multiple benefits to our body. All of them enclose the power of nature.

That’s why we call them… “dynamotrofes“ and offer them to you through the series Power Foods.

In our effort to be by your side with products that meet the needs that continually change, we created the Power Health Foods series utilizing the nature’s treasures.

A new line of products that offer natural foods that by themselves, not in combination with other natural ingredients, offering a wide range of actions that have a beneficial effect in the body.

Five unique natural foods, the Greek mastic, the pomegranate, the Hippophae, the royal jelly and the cranberry will me your own source of health, wellness and energy.