Awards – Certifications

Obtaining certifications and awards from prestigious institutions is yet another proof of testament for our quality and strong customer focus.

As a result Power Health has been distinguished from the following Institutions:

Power Health is Diamond of the Greek economy for the 3rd year

diamond_businessPower Health is Diamond of the Greek economy for the 3rd year Despite the vast crisis that has devastated everyday life in Greece, the  economy is kept alive and vivid by the accomplishments of its Diamonds. Companies that continue to invest heavily, continue to grow, continue to offer social and economic benefits to the country and its people.

On July 1st at the Grand Bretagne Hotel in the center of Athens, in a beautifulceremony held by the leading business Institution of STAT BANK, the top 25 businesses operating in Greece were awarded.

Power Health remained at the business elite, a company that continues to grow and expand in Greece and abroad by maximizing its sales and profitability.

Moreover the company continues its sacred and vast social campaigns by
relieving the pain of thousands of families in the country.For the 3rd straight year Power Health Hellas remains an eternal Business Diamond.

Global Achievement for Power Health Hellas

trofeo-excellence-for-business-15The Committee of the Global Trade Leaders Club awarded Power Health Hellas with the prestigious “International Business Excellence” trophy in a beautiful ceremony held at the luxurious Hotel Melia Castilla in Madrid, Spain on Monday 25th of June.

It is yet another reward for Power Health’s exceptional 3 decade course. Despite the economic woes that Europe is going through, Power Health will stay true to its values, principles and vision and will continue to raise high the level of food supplements ahead of consumer trends.

ISO 9001

CERT_POWER-HEALTH_img_0-web-210x300Ensure of product and service quality of Power Health

Power Health Hellas applies the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope: exclusive representation, import, export and distribution to the Greek pharmacies of health food supplements, traditional herbal medicines and natural cosmetics.


STRONGEST-POWER-webAgainst the crisis our company has been assigned a high Credit Rating by ICAP and consequently has been certified as one of the “STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE FOR 2011”.

This important acknowledgement verifies our creditworthiness and links us to the most powerful enterprises in Greece, ready to face the challenges of our times.

European Business Awards


The most prestigious European Committee, the European Business Awards (EBA), chose Power Health Hellas SA as one of the most successful companies in Europe in terms of Customer Focus.

Power Health was distinguished amongst thousands of European companies, including dozens of Greek. The company now belongs to a small elite of the 400 strongest European companies.

Ernst & Young


In a gorgeous ceremony held on December 7th at the Athens Music Hall, Ernst & Young announced that the prestigious “Self-made Entrepreneur” award goes to Mrs. Lili Pergada President & CEO of Power Health Hellas.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards are an annual and global event heralded in more than 50 countries around the world. The event is one of the most important and seminal moments for business and a milestone for any Entrepreneur.

Mrs. Lili Pergada wins the award because of her tireless 3 decade work, her passion, commitment, dedication and a vision that has inspired dozens of employees, thousands of Pharmacists and countless consumers to lead and enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Power Health is a Diamond for the Greek economy!


After a superb 30 year course, Power Health Hellas is now one of the Diamonds of the Greek Economy. The leading committee of STAT BANK chose Power Health amongst thousands of companies and included her in the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2013. In a beautiful ceremony held at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens, Power Health was awarded the “Most Admired Enterprise 2013” award. Its economic evaluation, its human social responsibility and its quality gave the company the most lucrative award in Greek business.

It is yet another accomplishment for a company that has stayed true to its values for decades and has opened new doors and horizons in the pharmaceutical industry.

European Business Awards “National Champion”

EBA-National-Champion-2013-14The most prestigious European business Awards committee, the European Business Awards, picked for the third straight year Power Health Hellas as one of the strongest companies in Europe.

Despite the devastating economic crisis that has hit hard Europe and Greece in particular, Power Health’s focus on human health needs with pioneering quality products, its strong economic figures and emphasis on customer focus have remained examples for everyone to follow.

Power Health at the top of European Business


The Committee of the European Business Awards announced that Power Health Hellas, the leading Greek Natural food supplements company, is one of the top 10 European Businesses in the category of Customer Focus having received the prestigious honor of “Ruban d’ Honeur”.

It is the greatest reward for a 30 year journey and for Power Health’s enduring mission of satisfying the needs and wants of its thousands customers and consumers with leading and pioneering products and services.

Salus Index Awards 2014


In the lucrative Salus Index Awards 2014 that were held in the Radison Blu Park Hotel of Athens, all leading companies of the Health Industry in Greece were present and were distinguished for their unique accomplishments despite the vast economic crisis.

Bayer, Novartis, Glaxo and various other Pharmaceutical titans were awarded for their strong numbers and growth. In the category of Health Food Supplements only Power Health Hellas was awarded for its Business Excellence and undeniable leadership as well as having opened new doors and horizons for the Pharmacies and the consumers. President and CEO Mrs. Perganta accepted the Award and in her statement she stressed how difficult ride the last 3 decades has been but also how happy and proud she is that finally the unique benefits from Nature are accomplished and rewarded. She also noticed how a small ally that opened in 1984 has become a boulevard where  many companies have entered.

Power Health remains the undisputed leader of the sector with strong numbers, increasing market shares and products that are enjoyed for their benefits by thousands of families.

Salus Index Awards 2015 – Power Health remains No1 in the Greek Health Food Supplement Industry!


In a beautiful ceremony held in the Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens on Wednesday November 25th, Power Health Hellas for the second straight year became one of the top 25 leading enterprises in the Health Industry of Greece and No 1 in the Health Food Industry!

The Award was accepted by Mr. Yanni Kokosioulis, Communication Director of the company, who delivered an excellent and moving acceptance speech.

This Award certifies yet again Power Health’s leading achievements and innovation.