You want to lose weight and you are a woman who is not exercising.

Even if you are not exercising, following a balanced diet is the first and most critical step to lose weight.


You want to lose weight and you are a woman who is exercising,
or a man with low levels of physical activity.

The secret to losing weight is not a fad diet, but a balanced meal plan.


Fuel your workout to lose weight.

Physical activity can help you shed off the unnecessary pounds. However following a balanced diet
will prevent exhausting your nutrient reserves.


Support your bone health

A guide to promote vitamin D, calcium and protein intake in your diet.

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1. Because I want to shape up my body

A goal which can be better achieved when engaging in some type of physical activity.

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2. Because self- confidence is invaluable

Studies have shown that weight loss benefits both our body, spirit and mind.

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3. Because my heart beats 100.000 per day & I want to keep it pumping!

If my Body Mass Index is above 25, even a small weight loss will have a great effect on my health. For example losing 5 to 10% of my initial weight will help me better manage my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

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4. Because I want to feel energized.

When I lose these extra pounds my body will not waste energy to maintain the unnecessary weight, but will use it to fuel the activities of daily living.

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5. Because I want to enjoy my life!

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The best way to describe the role of a dietary supplement in weight loss, is by using the metaphor of a good friend.


What is the role of dietary supplements for weight loss?

A natural nutritional supplement is the ally holding your hand all the way through your effort to lose weight, shape your body and improve your body image. Their active ingredients are food ingredients capable of:

  • Enhancing metabolic function.
  • Controlling fat storage and use.
  • Controlling appetite.
  • Balancing out reactions for energy production.

At this point it is absolutely necessary to highlight that weight loss dietary supplements support, and by no means substitute a healthy lifestyle & diet, while their effectiveness is enhanced by physical activity.