Mission: Weigh Loss by Premium Formula

Premium 14Power Health is shaking the Advertising world with its brand new Marketing campaign “Mission: Weight Loss by Premium Formula”. A unique, revolutionary campaign that is based on the real stories of 5 ordinary women that trusted the innovative product Premium Formula, lost weight and regained their confidence! Unlike most testimonials that are based on lies and deception, Power Health handpicked 5 women in their need to lose weight. Froso had kept excessive weight because of her pregnancy. Elli could not find a job in the market place for nearly 2 years because of her appearance. Konstantina is getting married in the summer and wants to lose weight in order to wear her favorite wedding dress. Real women, real stories. Power Health was at their side at an exciting 2 month (8 weeks) program and offered Premium Formula which helped them lose weight and regain their positive attitude towards life.

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