New products for Fall and Winter

In a time of vast economic woes, Power Health Hellas continues its journey by offering Natural solutions to life’s everyday’s health problems.

On Friday August 24th 2012 at its Headquarters, the new exciting products were presented, products that guarantee vital solutions to health problems and stimulate effectively and efficiently the organism.

The new product line Power Foods, created by the R&D Department, uses three unique natural Greek treasures of health: Greek Mastic (found only in the beautiful island of Chios), Rodi (Pomegranate) and Hippophae that entail vital ingredients that keep the organism strong and safe.


The product multivitamin line Multi Multi adds a new member Multi Multi kids. A special multivitamin designed for children and strengthens their immune system and enhances physical and mental growth.



Vita C kids, another unique new product designed by Power Health’s R&D Department, will offer small children a natural shield of protection against flues and common cold and.


All products have fantastic flavors and will enrich the Pharmacy by giving consumers everything that they need and require to keep their health and spirit strong