New products for Spring and Summer from Power Health

In a beautiful event held in its Headquarters in Metamorfossi, Athens, Power Health introduced its new products created once again by the Scientists of its own R & D Department.

The event had also the form of a Seminar towards the Sales force. The Scientists presented the new, revolutionary products in a thorough presentation while the Marketing Department showed how these products fully satisfy the needs and wants of the market.

Power Health expands the product line of its top seller Size One with a slimming cream Size One Extra Shape and goes even further by being the first Greek company to introduce a slimming product for men: Size One 6pack slim. As always the new products are followed by a series of clinical studies that guarantee results and satisfaction.

Xs Green Tea is the third new product, the only Green Tea in the Market in effervescent tablets with great taste.
And last but not least, the new product introduced was Hydrolytes, a product non-matched a product that solves the problem of Hydration while rejuvenating the organism.
Once again Power Health is ready to confront the difficult challenges by confronting them and staying true to its principles and vision.