Power Health close to the Pharmacists of Northern Greece

Power Health organized a beautiful ceremony for the Pharmacists of Northern Greece proving the company’s effort to stay by their side in every way.

The ceremony was held at the Grand Hotel Thessaloniki on November 7th and it surpassed every goal by attracting 166 Pharmacists from 84 Pharmacies. The joyful crowd learned about Power Health’s revolutionary new products, looked at solutions for the cold and flu for the winter, attended a short informational session by the Scientists of the R & D Department, Mrs. Klimentidou and Mr. Theodoratos, as well as a thorough presentation of useful Marketing and Sales tools and suggestions from the Marketing Manager of the company Mr. Yanni Kokosioulis. The presentation concluded by the Executive Manager Mr. Kosaris who discussed the situation analysis and the opportunities created by the severe economic crisis.

After the end of the ceremony, the Pharmacists attended a gorgeous food and cocktail catering ceremony where they discussed their views and opinions regarding the industry.