Power Health event at Ledra Marriott Athens

In a beautiful event held at Ledra Marriott Athens, Power Health officially presented its new pioneering Size One product line. More than 500 Pharmacists and Beauty Editors from the Press attended a dynamic presence in the economic crisis.

The Scientists of the R&D Department, Ms Zamani and Mr Theodoratos presented the products, its ingredients, actions and clinical studies. Mr Yanni Kokosioulis followed from the Marketing Department who presented a thorough Marketing plan, with effective and efficient ways of promotion above and below the line. The Executive Manager Mr Kosaris gave a speech about the crisis and how it is an opportunity for change and evolution. The Presentation ended with President and CEO Mrs Pegrada who thanked the attendees and promised that Power Health Hellas will remain focused on its 3 decade vision.

The star of the beautiful night was Eleni Petroulaki-Ivic, the celebrated spokesperson of Size One. All guests enjoyed at the end the beautiful buffet and cocktails.