Power Health nurtures their dreams

Power Health Hellas, the company that for 3 decades stays close to the needs of the family by providing leading natural health food supplements, once again proves its humanity by staying true to its roots and supporting people of need and hunger.

From January 14th and until the end of the school year, Power Health will be responsible for bringing daily food and vitamins to the Elementary School of Perama and its children who are starving and have nothing to eat. The Elementary School contains of 12 children whose parents are long term unemployed and cannot provide even the basic because of the devastating economic crisis.

The President & CEO of the company Mrs. Lili Perganda, the Executive Manager Mr. Antonis Kosaris, the Marketing Manager Mr. Yanni Kokosioulis, along with Mrs. Eleni Petroulaki-Ivic, ambassador of Power Health’s products, visited the school and talked to the children, the parents and the teachers by providing them with optimism, solidarity and a clear statement: our childrens dreams is what makes the future beautiful that is why we must safeguard them.