This winter will be… classic Power Health

Power Health for three decades cares about the family and is offering alternative health solutions for a better quality of life, is ready to suggest products that will become the best ally in our difficult everyday lives. 

Returning to the roots and classic nutritional values was the main theme of the presentation held in the Headquarters of the company and it demonstrates why Power Health is the first Greek company that since 1984 offers products from the pharmacy of nature in neighborhood pharmacy. 


Aiming to meet the pace of the times that require increasingly sophisticated solutions and with years’ experience and expertise in food supplements created the series Classics Platinum Range. Timeless, that’s why classics and nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are the basis for a healthy and balanced life are utilized and offered in the most ideal way through the series Classics Platinum Range. The new product line created by Power Health offers all their benefits through natural food supplements high nutritional value.


The series Power Foods that includes the nature’s treasures such as hippophae the everyday multiboost, the greek mastic ideal for stomach disorders, Pomegranate for good heart health, is enriched with two more products, the Cranberry, the natural solution for a healthy urinary tract and the Royal Jelly which offers high energy performance standard.

mens-XMens- X Complex, which improves the erectile function, promises to raise even more the sexual life through its new effervescent form, the 30 % extra product and its new lower price.

Additionally, the new strategy concerning the advertising communication and the presence of Power Health in the Greek Pharmacy, unique selling point of the products, was presented by the departments directors.



DSC01471The whole company, united as a family, celebrated two more awards that the greek company was awarded with. Power Health was selected for the third consecutive year by the Committee of the largest business institutions in Europe, the European Business Awards, as one of the leading companies in Europe surpassing thousands of other companies. This time Power Health became «National Champion» fortifying once again its position in the elite of European enterprises.

Meanwhile, the leading institution of STAT BANK, Diamonds of the Greek Economy, singling out Power Health among thousands of businesses and honored Power Health with the Award of «Most Admired Company» for its extraordinary economic numbers, extroversion and its human profile.