Fat Binder

FATBINDER reduces the calorie intake from fats in our food.

Medical device for adjuvant therapy of obesity and weight control.

FATBINDER contains the BAOBAB fruit fibre blend BAO 022. This fruit fibre blend binds dietary fats in the stomach to produce a stable fat-fruit fibre-complex. The dietary fats are therefore not resorbed in the digestive tract and eliminated in the fat-fruit fibre-complex in a natural way.

Together with a calorie-reduced diet and appropriate physical activities

FATBINDER can therefore be used as an effective means of reduction of excessive body weight and for therapy of nutrition related overweight.

Active ingredient:
Baobab fruit fibre blend BAO 022

Take 1 or 2 tablets immediately after fat-rich meals with at least 150 ml water, max. 4 tablets per day.

Free from artificial colours, flavours, salt, gluten, lactose or preservatives.

Suitable for vegans.

32 tablets

Not suitable for children below 12 years of age.

Do not use this product during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in the case of underweight (BMI <18.5).

FATBINDER is a registered medical device. The effectiveness and safety were assessed according to the European Directive concerning Medical Devices (93/42/EEC).