The journey begins in 1984…

We started in 1984 and managed against all difficulties and doubts to become the first Greek company of natural food supplements. Our vision is to offer you the power of nature through products designed by Greek scientists of the Research and Development department, exclusively from natural active raw materials, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, plants and fruit extracts. We create innovative formulas to prevent and treat everyday health problems.


Green company with Greek DNA

We are a 100% Greek company that fully respects the environment and provides innovative proposals that meet the demands of the modern lifestyle. Our goal is to fully meet the daily needs of the Greek family, offering a better quality of life.


From 1984… until today

We started in 1984, responding to the challenge of becoming the first Greek company in the field of alternative health products. We talked about vitamins, food supplements, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Bach flower remedies, offering a natural, better way of life, and we brought nature’s pharmacy to the pharmacy of every Greek home.

From then until today we are by your side every day with quality, safe, effective health, stimulation and beauty solutions so that you can enjoy every day full of energy and strength!