Strong sense of social responsibility

Power Health, the leading Greek company of natural health and nutritional supplements in the Greek market since 1984, maintains a strong sense of social responsibility, which is evident in its daily activities, culture and values. For Power Health, corporate social responsibility is directly linked to the words “contribution” and “quality”. Over the years, the contribution has been an indisputable value and an integral part of Power Health’s identity, which, in the context of social responsibility, promotes and ensures a better quality of life for vulnerable social groups.


Financial support for vulnerable groups

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one of Power Health’s main missions is to provide financial support to domestic and international non-governmental organizations that protect human rights.

Ensuring daily feeding

At the same time, the Greek food supplement company protects the good health and well-being of more than 100 children with special needs. Specifically, for over 10 years, Power Health has ensured the daily feeding of these children – students of Public Special Schools located in economically and socially vulnerable areas of Piraeus.


Dietary supplements to strengthen the immune system

Also, during the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, the Greek nutritional supplement company supported social organizations, nursing homes and schools by sending nutritional supplements to protect the immune system.

In 2020, the company supported thousands of people belonging to vulnerable social groups, not only by providing financial assistance, but also by offering 25,000 of its products to strengthen the immune system.


Feeling of care and giving

Humanity is not just a word, it is a caring feeling and one of the core values put into action by Power Health. Its aim is to help improve society’s standard of living, strengthen the moral values of its staff and contribute positively to international awareness.

Following the needs of the global market, Power Health will always defend human rights by providing a better quality of life.