POWER HEALTH HELLAS AEBE with a strategic orientation to its development both in Greece and abroad and the development of competitive products in the Trading and Distribution of Natural Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Medicine Products, Homeopathic Preparations, Flower Medicines Dr. E. Bach, Natural Cosmetics and Medical Technology Products, decided to install and operate a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and YA DY8d/G.P.OIK./1348/2004.

This System operates with the aim of providing services that satisfy the requirements of its customers. The approach to quality presupposes continuous and strictly defined procedures that ensure the guarantees for the consistent presence of the company in the area in which it operates.


Basic motivations

  • the effort to fully investigate the real needs and requirements of customers, so that it can guide them, inform them and market and distribute the ordered products in the best possible way, creating a set of satisfied customers
  • the care, so that the services provided meet the needs of the customers and are in accordance with the existing Legislation and the particularities and needs of the company
  • the continuous effort to improve quality and reliability at all levels
  • the search for the improvement of the internal operating system.
  • the acquisition of know-how for the most complete handling of the tasks and meeting the needs and requirements of the customers.
  • the creation of a “channel” of external communication at all levels, in order to ensure, on the one hand, the clear capture of third party requirements and the clear statement from the company’s side of how to cover them.
  • the training and utilization of human resources.

In the context of the continuous improvement of the System, the Management sets quality objectives, which are reviewed annually in terms of their degree of implementation, new ones are approved or older ones are modified depending on the performance of the company and the new conditions in its area of activity.



The company is committed to:

  • the systematic monitoring and observance of the applicable requirements related to its operation.
  • the continuous training and education of the staff and their encouragement for their active participation, on an individual and group level in their field of operation, in order to achieve the objectives and ensure the improvement of the Quality System.
  • the safe and effective management of all types of elements, data and information as well as property that may come to its knowledge during its cooperation with clients, their management exclusively by competent persons and based on ethics not to disclose them to third parties for no reason.
  • the continuous effort to provide quality services with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction and improving competitiveness.
  • the systematic updating of the company on developments in the sector in which it operates or concerning the company’s sector of activity.
  • the development of bonds of harmonious cooperation with its customers and suppliers as well as the expansion of coverage of the Greek and international market.
  • the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided as well as of the Quality Management System itself, through the development of process evaluation and related indicators.
  • promoting open dialogue and informing interested parties in a spirit of honesty and mutual respect.
  • the documented search for causes of problems and weaknesses, in order to determine and implement the necessary corrective and / or preventive actions, in order to avoid their recurrence.
  • the provision of resources at every level (human – material – financial) that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the System.


Organizational structure

The Management of POWER HEALTH HELLAS AEBE, in collaboration with its executives, ensures that the documented Quality System Information is disclosed and fully understood by all its human resources, is implemented and adhered to at all levels of the organizational structure and in all functions her.

In addition, it asks external providers, as well as any other interested party, to embrace its principles, guiding them to operate in accordance with them.

Finally, this policy is available for information to staff, customers, suppliers, and any interested parties.